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Thread: No red carpet for Matty

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    No red carpet for Matty

    Saturday night there'll be a "red carpet NFL awards" event in Houston. The NFL Honors ceremony awards all sorts of things to players. Matt Ryan won't be there. I wanna use profane language and am doing all I can to control it.

    Today is the last day players will be subjected to the media as players and coaches sigh in relief. Today reporters badgered Matty after he was asked if he was gonna attend the awards event,...Matty chuckled and said, "No. We’ve got our routine on Saturday night. I was there last year. It’s a great event. They do a great job with it. But we’ll be in our normal routine on Saturday." hahaha I love it.

    Then another slimy member of the media persisted asking, "how ya gonna find out if you win?" Matty's answer?,...Answer: "Uh, I’m sure I’ll find out one way or another. We’ve got something a little bit bigger the following*day that we're all going after. I think that’s where my focus will be." hahaha so no walking down a red carpet the night before ya play in a Super Bowl for Ryan. ummm,...there's been other QBs who attended this event the night before the Super Bowl but I won't mention names,...

    Yeah yeah, it's the Super Bowl. And yeah yeah people covering the SB have agendas. Ryan said he wouldn't attend the event as of like,...Monday.

    Matt Ryan is the Falcons team leader, with no doubt. If they can stay loose, play with discipline and have fun this team can beat anyone at this point in time in NFL history.

    Funny,...we fans have to endure this horse crap too, but imagine if you're a player,...lawd have mercy from these Phillistines.
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