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    All in the family

    Steve Belichick,...defensive coach Patriots. What's that old saying,...the apple don't fall far from the tree? I like this boy. Normally I avoid posting the media's stuff but we might wanna pay attention to this 29 yr old future NFL head coach. I've condensed this report from, a pretty good sports news outlet. This is long and I'm gonna make it longer. Commentary to follow,...

    Steve Belichick said that Monday’s media orgasm was “by far” the longest press session of his life

    Steve has been stung over the years by criticism of his father and his family, and despite all of Bill’s success (this is his seventh Super Bowl appearance), the losses clearly stick with Steve more than the wins. He calls the people who smeared Bill at the end of his Cleveland Browns head-coaching tenure “too stupid to know,” adding how hard it was to hear his father ripped “before you’re 10 years old.”

    “I don’t know if anyone will understand what those headlines in newspapers really do to families,” Steve says. “It’s hard, obviously, everyone in the NFL signs up for these jobs and understands the pressures. Steve says his family has toughened up enough over time that criticism is now “fun” and something to “talk about at Thanksgiving,” adding: “We’ve been labeled every word in the book our whole lives; what’s another [insult] on the list?”

    When he starts to answer a question that he doesn’t like, he instantly earns the Belichick name. “Everyone’s entitled,” Steve says to a reporter, “to their own opinion.” When asked where he feels he’s grown the most this year, he says, “My hair. There you go.” Yeah. He’s a Belichick.

    Another reporter asks about Kyle Shanahan, the Falcons offensive coordinator and the son of Super Bowl–winning coach Mike Shanahan. 29-year-old Steve oversees the safeties while carrying the most famous name in coaching. Like all coach’s sons, the reporter ventures, Kyle Shanahan has encountered critics who say he’s gotten jobs because of his father; has Steve had to contend with such comments? “Yeah, I experience that every day, thank you,” Steve says. “Thanks for bringing that up.”

    “Life isn’t fair. I don’t expect it to be,” Steve says. “I like to work for everything I get. I’ll always be Bill Belichick’s son to everyone in the media. To the people who really matter, my friends and family, I’m Steve, and those are the people I care about. I couldn’t care less about everybody else.”

    “How many people tell you that you sound like your dad?” a reporter shouts from the back of the room. “I’m sure a lot of sons hear they sound like their dad,” says Steve whose voice does, in fact, sound almost identical to Bill’s.

    The Patriots assistant has probably learned more football from an early age than any other millennial. The sessions started with the mute button: “My grandfather hated listening to announcers, so the game was always muted and he could talk,” Steve says. “He taught me how to watch and taught me what to look for." The Patriots' assistant has probably learned more football from an early age than any other millennial.

    We all know there's young guys, players, coaches, scouts, etc. whom daddys were/are in the game. Good grief the Falcons have a 3rd generation Matthews starting at left tackle. And it makes sense cause the boys were raised in that atmosphere. And from reading that article(which made me chuckle a few times), it's clear Steve already knows how to deal with the complete idiots in the media. But,...if I had the chance as a mediot member being cynical,...ask Steve, have you learned ways to bend rules by teaching the Pats defensive backs to get away with illegal contact/holding and get away with it?hahaha and maybe,...have you learned ways to gain an edge by boderline cheating? I reckon I'd receive a terse response indeed. But no,...knowing the crap this boy had to endure? No way I'd be like THEM.

    Instead,...I'd be asking 'bout the similarities between 2 SB teams developing young, sometimes undrafted FAs in the secondary who contribute greatly in the D. Or asking what his safeties will do to cover the myriad of Matt Ryan's tosses to TEs and the RBs. But we know it's useless to ask 'bout strategy at this point but geesh the soap opera these poor folks must endure. Anything but Days Of Our Lives stuff.

    It's clear the boy, Steve, has grown into a good man. Anyone who handles the media like,...treating them for what they are(there are fine media members just not so many), well I be cool with people like Steve. His daddy? hmmmm but then the apple don't fall from the tree.

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