It's not hard for anyone to see the incredible talent that is Tom Brady of course since the Patriots receive so much international attention. The last few days in spare time a few of us have been looking closer at the Pats O and something was clear in they pass game.

What provoked the analysis was a question asked in conversation,..."how the hayal are these receivers so wide open?!"

Years ago when the Pats became a perennial winner they used the spread formation most times. Back then, say a decade ago I noticed the similarities between their offense and the June Jones Red Gun(run and shoot offense). We may as well say too Jerry Glanville used the run and shoot when head coaching the Houston Oilers before Jones brought the scheme to Atlanta. Today in the NFL alllll offenses use the spread formation most snaps. So back to why are those receivers so wide open.

We have seen the Falcons offense become juuuuuust 'bout unstoppable this season and into the playoffs. We've seen lots of Falcons receivers wide open too with a QB who can deliver the ball, the right place. This is the "tree route" for every receiver in the West Coast Offense which means when Matt Ryan throws the ball when IN THE POCKET sometimes he doesn't see the receiver, he's throwing to an area. We've talked about this before. It's not been thrown out there but it sure do appear the Patriots offense is now a West Coast attack? Same damped alignments, same formations in the run game, same use of the tight end, very similar. The Patriots receivers are allllll running option routes on every pass play which means they need a QB who can get the ball to them and Brady is almost the best.

Matty completed 69.9%, Brady 67.4% last season. When an offense has *smart* receivers and a QB like Brady or Ryan man, makes it sooooo difficult for the D's secondary to cover all the options cause ya never know the route of the receiver. Normally most D-coors would sit in zone cover. Do that and watch Ryan/Brady slice yo secondary like a ripe tomayter.

Brady is amazing, almost 40 yrs old and pffft type Hall Of Famer. Imagine that,...a 6th round pick took over at QB over a 1st round pick, Drew Bledsoe,...and never looked back. Nice story like a fairy-tale. Brady marries a model and has all those zillions and all them rings. Good for you boy.

I hope the Falcons defense with those rookies makes Brady's last Super Bowl miserable. Wild card could be an old man,...Dwight Freeney. Which leads to another thang,...Belichick may try to grind it with a heavy run game. Let the chess match begin.