HOUSTON (AP) The Atlanta Falcons' media availability Tuesday is not being held at a stadium or arena or even in a hotel ballroom. Try a skating rink inside a Houston mall. No, the ice isn't down at The Square at Memorial City. And only a handful of players are scheduled to meet with reporters. Still it's an unusual setting for a Super Bowl event, hard by an Old Navy and a Cheesecake Factory. Adding to the surreal atmosphere - Houston doesn't have even a minor league hockey team any longer - was the presence of a high school band playing as buses arrived. Some folks perhaps puzzled by who was riding in the buses, waved to media members as the vehicles pulled up to the entrance.

You low class JOE JAH boys,...no room for you at the high class venues. A dried up skating rink,...great. Ya see boys,...the Patriots are gods and all you pathetic Falcons are lesser. The Patriots have Championship credentials so that means you have no chance,...and we ain't spending any money on you second class citizens. hahaha No one gives ya'll a chance anyways so why promote your team when we can make mo money with the Patriots stars this week in high class venues with the nfln and espen? The Falcons? hahaha no money to be made on them I reckon.

We're accustomed to be treated like toothless, purple lipped outcasts. And it's no big deal as one writer mentioned Falcons fans, "living in a single wide trailer." When I was in Boston there were 2 bedroom 1 bath houses built side by side for miles,...worse than a single wide out in the woods. At least those in the trailer doesn't hear a hairy back monkey next door making the bed bounce with his ho who's on heroin. Oh yeah,...Mass is the Capital of the BIG H. Hopefully on the Monday morning of February 6th all those types feel better.

Inside a Mall,...a how scrool band and people there didn't know why the buses were there. Ya'll don't know, I guess, how being demeaned causes a team to become somewhat angry to some degree. The players and coaches see what's going on. Maybe it's for the best. Players and coaches see everything just like we do. NFL Players aren't Madden characters.

The fact that this AP writer recognized this was amazing. hahaha He's prolly a Jets fan.

Oh well,...Sunday night can't get here fast enough.

Would like to point out the Patriots O-line. The tackles are huge, and they have a huge guard. But their center is around 280 lbs. Time to attack the center of their line. The guards protect their light center. Get in Brady's face is the key.