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Thread: Grats Cards fans!

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    Grats Cards fans!

    Nice last second win against Minnesota! Thought you'd win by more, but as we (the Panthers) have proved often this year, it doesn't matter if it's pretty or ugly as long as you get the "W".

    Look forward to seeing you guys in the playoffs!

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    Oops my bad. At first I thought this post was for 12-11-16, but is not. C'mon man a whole year and no responses? That's just no fair and let me be the first to change that. Nice game Dolphins won 26-23

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    Seasonal Vacations

    Lolzz.. Long time no response. Is this forum this much slow? Or the members are not getting interest i must say.. Well congrats to Dolphins for scoring amazing Score. I am new here and this post is a bit interesting for me as i am also a supporter of Dolphins. I wish i could find some of these games during these Seasonal Vacations as all will remain at home and would love to find some activity for enjoying. As Halloween is around the clock and everyone is busy in the preparations of this most awaited event. I am also so interested and have completed my shopping for Halloween by using spirit halloween gift card that had allow me to shop best at cheap cost. I would love to witness some amazing Game at this Season and want to attend this by wearing my Halloween Costumes.

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