One of the more interesting things that we'll be bombarded with from the media next week is the incredible amount of youngsters on the Falcons roster. It's funny, makes ya think of this year's Puppy Bowl XIII.

Maybe a good tune for the Falcons defense would be who let the dogs out, woof woof. And those Atlanta puppies will be tested all to be danged in a week. like all pups, not many know they names, positions or what college they attended before becoming professional football players. Well, allow me to remind ya'll.

Ya'll draft nuts recall the 40 yd dash times of these guys last Spring? And it's the only way the Falcons D will be effective in a week. Speed, speed, speed. All the rooks, all the 2nd and 3rd year guys have been tempered in a very hot 2016 fire. The offense carried the team early in the season now it's time the D dominates a HOF QB regardless their age. These boys have been playing football since they were 7 years old, so don't give me that lack of experience bull crap. Be fast, hit 'em hard and then let them know,...

I'm reading jelly spine Falcons fans already saying regardless the outcome "we" have a lot to look forward to in the future. pfffffft. What is wrong with people? ahem,...the Falcons can win a Super Bowl you idiot. Makes ya wanna grab them and pull them close and whisper,...damn the future.

Funny, there's been Super Bowl action I've missed watching the Puppy Bowl. And the Puppy Bowl is great when there's a 45 minute half time show and being much more entertaining. Oh yeah, halftime of Puppy Bowl XIII will feature key board cat and kitty will play for Lady woof woof.