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    Several items

    Man, it's a long time before this Super Bowl but man, they be a whole lotta stuff comin' out from the media and fans. Here's just a few thangs I gleaned just today and it took maybe 30 minutes.

    -Seattle's Mayor had a bet with the Atlanta Mayor. I dunno, maybe bet to wear a Falcons shirt for a day but to put a bet on the City Hall,...hmmm. 'A bet's a bet': Seattle mayor hangs Falcons flag at City Hall by: Hope Jensen Updated: Jan 25, 2017 - 7:10 PM And on top of that it took 10 days to pay off the debt? ahhhh, let the wounds heal and put the Falcons flag up after they won the NFCCG. Slick politicians.

    -Interesting stat,...both teams have recorded 34 sacks for the 2016 season. However the Pats sacks are more evenly distributed as the Falcons Beasley has almost half the Falcons sacks. Just noticin' thangs here.

    -Okay,...gotta say this. We'll see a familiar face come February 5th. The league announced the officiating crew for SB 51. One name stands out above all others, BJ Todd Prukop. Remember when Julio Jones was dragged down by Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman in Week 6 but PI wasn't called? It was Prukop who was responsible for NOT making the call in the play. Coach Dan Quinn went crazy on the sideline and the normally even-tempered Jones complained.

    Prukop was part of a crew that was singled out and was the official mostly responsible for a bad call in the Giants/Lions game in week #15. A 4 yard pass to Odell Beckham the thug was ruled a catch despite visual evidence that the ball hit the ground and rolled between his legs before he picked it up.

    This means Falcons receivers had best be ready for some serious grabbing, holding, tugging, slapping and all that ****.

    -They've already done the field in Houston!

    -what else,...oh yeah another NFL record! hahaha The Atlanta Falcons are the 1st team to start 4 rooks on D, S Keanu Neal, LBs Deion Jones and De'Vondre Campbell, CB Brian Poole in a Conference Championship Game according to Elias Sports Bureau. They are the 1st team to start 4 rooks on D since the Vikings did so in the loss in the 1997 divisional round against the Niners. In 1997 the Vikings went 9-7,...the next season they were 15 and one. And lost to the Falcons in the NFCCG,...history can be fun sometimes.

    -And there's actually folks in Alabama starting to warm up to the Falcons. Ya'll 'round the country don't know but Bama and many Dawgs fans don't really like the Falcons and haven't for decades,...I do not know why. but,...they're all bandwagoneers and when there's a winner, like in a casino, people congregate. This was from today at a Falcons rally somewhere in East Alabama,...

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