First I read this idiot from Illinois who suggested the Falcons will lose cause they'll not be playing in a dome. Geeshus man, grow some hair on that mild dud head so it may grow you some brains. lemme make this simple for ya dude. It's known as a re track tibal roof? I swear to the great maker, these people get paid real money for this? MSN SPORTS, so maybe so maybe not.

Okay lil boy, lemme tell ya what. On Feb 5th it might be rainy, it could even snow a little in Houston, oh yeah you uneducated frog, Houston has seen snow before. Not likely but even if it's freezing cold the roof, imagine that, will be closed. The Houston facility is in essence a dome, albeit with natural grass! And there ya are. Maybe the writer was referring to playing on natural turf but he didn't say that. Well,...the Falcons won at Denver, Oakland on a baseball field, Carolina, Tampa last season. pfffft so there

And then there's the uniforms. These people in the media,...maybe it's good we're getting all this crap outta the way early. yada yada the last 11 outta 12 SBs have been won by the team wearing white. Makes me recall some years ago there was an article by some guy who prolly never touched a football about how so many SB winning QBs wear #12. Well,...after Favre, Elway, Flacco,...the boy wasted his time. Oh wait,...Brady wears that #, there it is.

NFL rules,...when the SB is played, say in an NFC venue, the AFC representative chooses the color of they jerseys. In this case the Falcons can choose to wear white or red. I knew it'd be red. The Falcons are not the Dallas Cowboys.

Okay this was for ya'll so you can laugh at my rants. bastards