We had fun with the Saints Voo Doo is OVER! stuff last season. And it worked. All that mojo we worked up resulted in a sweep of New Orleens. Then in the playoffs it started with a battle of birds of prey, more difficult but we held on and rode the wind sending a seahawk to the rocks below(Stone Mtn.). Then we were bombarded about this meat packer named Rodgers for a whole week suggesting he's some kind of cheese covered babe dancing with a pole. That was equally difficult to swallow, ahem I mean deal with. But we kept the mojo comin' baby with a historic last 2 playoff games in the Georgia Dome, both wins, both routs.

How can we help the Falcons by unusual means to win a game they shouldn't Feb 5th?hahaha I've already heard the "David and Goliath" reference so there ya are. But,...there might be a way to pull off a Falcons Super Bowl win.

I invoked reverse Voo Doo against the Saints last year. I did something to the Panthers which is a secret for some years to come. Used thought provoking images disarming Seahawks and Packers fans creating the power of negativity, doubt but the Patriots are a different animal. Hate to do this but we be getting a little desperate 'round here to tatse a Super Bowl Championship. So in that light it's time to contact Xrecjaf, a friend from Aplha Centauri. Damned alien is a damned Jets fan, so he'll be glad to help. Took some pics of his work the last time he was here in 2009,...he was drinking and driving a flying saucer.

Beautiful isn't it? as I suck up get this favor,..and this beauty,...

My message to Xrecjaf,...

Hey Xrec,...I'm phoning home and tell yo buddy Spock I said hey,...btw we only have 10 days left to make plans man. You remember our wager? The Falcons are in the SB and you owe me one buddy. Knowing how bad you hate to, get to Earth quick. By now you know the Falcons opponent and I know you'll enjoy this. Remember 2008 when you helped the Giants beat the 18-0 Patriots at the U of Arizona(5 Giants sacks)?

Well, it's Houston this time. So bleep the thingie when ya get here and I'll cook ya some grits and we'll make final plans. And no liquor for you this time. Glowing green puke is awful man. Have a safe trip through the wormhole. Kgtistinki*300010110110010 Heyyyyyy Spock