Man, I thought there wouldn't be much to talk about until next week. Well, there's this thing known as social media and peeps are really gettin' into this Super Bowl.

I wear Falcons hats lots of times, have for many years. Ran up on a Saints fan checking out at wal-mart, the cashier. Said she was from Mississippi. She said something that struck me,..."I don't know how the Falcons got so good, looks like the NFL may be fixed and likes to give Championships out to teams." I just went along with her and agreed it looks fixed sometimes. But even a Saints fan said she doesn't know how the Falcons got so good? amazing Oh yeah, social media activity,...

Well, to begin with the sports media are already saying some stuff that's really unflattering towards the Falcons. Posted, revealed by social media was this statement by a well paid talking head on espen radio,..."The focus will be on the Patriots because there is nothing interesting about the Falcons." oh my,...then yesterday on the nfln two different mil dud heads said, and I'm amazed at their honesty, they didn't know much about the Falcons?

Another talking head, and I've heard this crap before, said the Falcons are juuuuuuuust like the 2015 Panthers? hahahaha!idiot There is absolutely 0 comparisons available, it's another case of bias and lazy journalism again. In fact a mo and better comparison would be the 2016 Falcons and the 2009 Saints when they won they SB. But see, no way this idiot compares the Falcons to a SB winner cause he thinks a Patriots win is in the bag.

But on twitt and stuff I've seen, amazingly, quite a few Panthers fans post talkin' about glad to see the NFC South represented two years in a row. It was sooooooo good to read these people's sentiments.

Ya see, as much as I dislike Cam my a** was pulling for Carolina in SB 50. Like these Panthers fans that get it, when the division is strong for one thing creates more competition between the teams inside it. Then when the division is strong it means when we face the NFC North, East, etc. we'll create havoc on them as a division meaning more wins and more playoff games. And too, I'm a cat lover, especially black cats,...

Oh yeah,...there was this funny post by some big black dude,...tickled me,...said Matt Ryan is "poison" hahaha