There was thunder all during the game today.

"Energy derives from both the plus and negative."-Metallica

<yawn> mmmmm ho hummmm,...nothing to see here. It t'was a cheap win over a hobbled Packers team,...<yawn> ho hum. Falcons fans, better than the media, be better than the Falcons haters cause they are simply 'lil biddie babies.

Haters are saying "home cooking?" Lol Appeared to me the Pack's O-line was allowed to hold on every single offensive play and never flagged,...but the Falcons O-line was flagged. Then there's some idiot Jets fans suggesting after a fumble the Falcons recovered the ball on the 1 yard line and rolled into the endzone was a safety??? hahaha idiots. He was never touched down and he has the right for that thar momentum into the endzone? Do you idiots not know the rules of the game? Jets fans anyway pfffffft

Alllllll damned week long we've been FED Aaron Rodgers breakfast, lunch and dinner by the media. AAALLLLL damned week long no one talked about the Packers' injuries other than Jordy. But today when the Falcons started they offensive onslaught,...injuries, injuries, injuries. I've talked to people who aren't into the NFL but watched the game, asked me,..."how the HELL did the Packers get to that game so injured? I wanted to say you're freaking brainwashed by the media.

Well,...the Falcons slayed the great Aaron Rodgers' Packers much to the she grin of the FOX Sports cast members. As they gathered for the postgame show all of 'em had scowls on they faces. Know why? Cause every single one of those idiots picked the Packers to win today w/o reserve or any respect towards the Falcons. fine bastards

Now I unnerstand Trumpsters after their win. It is sweet indeed to shake the structure,...shake up the consensus. It might be sweeter to bring it alllllll down eh?

Liberals, progressives are saying Trump will take us into dark times. hahahaha I suggest a Falcons win in SB 51 against the Patriots will define the end times. And if we're going to Heaven or Hell?,...I'll take anyone with me. And I promise we'll have fun regardless.