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Thread: A haunting

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    A haunting

    By this time tomorrow we'll pretty much know who are the Super Bowl participants. Sooooo many great 2016 stories to talk about during the off season. And lots of stories 'bout 2017. Vikings QB comes back, 49ers new coach, etc. But for now it's the final 4. And I'm invoking past Falcons to *haunt* the Packers QB.

    I KNOW Panthers fans remember this guy. A super speed rusher from the outside, there were many times the left tackle couldn't get out on the edge to even touch the guy. For all you West Coast NFL fans his name is Chuck Smith. Notice his near "dab" but it's his heritage, Hawaiin.

    And there was Claude. Like Tommy Nobis, Humphry played on essentially college level talent Falcons teams, was awful for both of these great players. But as an old warrior Claude was Hall Of Fame quality regardless what the idiots who vote for that shit think. The man could disrupt the run game and hunt the QB,...pretty much alllll by himself.

    So here we are ya'll. A chance at greatness. hahaha I saw posters said they cried last week after the win over the Seahawks. I'm talkin' bout men said that. I dunno,...I do get teary over babies and animals but football?

    Anyway, it's been sooooooo much fun. All those games out West, great football. Oh and to finish this thought, ya know, the intent of the post? I mention Chuckie Smith and Claude cause this boy will be HONGRY tomorrow. gauranteed

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