Oh nooooo,...Aaron, Aaron, Aaron,...why did you say this? hahaha just joking or what?

Rodgers on THE Georgia Dome: "It's really loud in there. Whether that's all natural or not is yet to be seen."
3:41 PM - 20 Jan 2017

Oh my,...why Aaron? Why provoke Falcons fans like that man? This is not a game of HORSE,...amazing. I had lots of respect for this guy, a future HOFamer but man, please. Hey Aaron,...you be getting allllllll the love from the media allllllll week long. Why didn't Aaron take the high road? Like answering that Falcons fans are passionate and it'll be a loud game? Oh well,...arrogance and ignorance often goes hand in hand.

To be a highly paid, future HOFamer,...I dunno ya'll what's in his mind saying this? Maybe he's conniving to get calls from the refs which would be competitive in theory. Maybe Rodgers is using subterfuge knowing his team is gonna lose, trying anything to gain leverage, we'll see.

Those at the Dome on Oct 30th remember Rodgers running for a TD and doing his WWF belt pull or whatever it is. There's Cam Newton with his antics,...apparently there's a Cam wannabe playing QB for the peckers. Mind games won't work Ayron,...you'll be tracked for 3 hours boy. And you really messed up saying that crap.