THE nfln showed the week #8, October 30th 2016 one point Falcons win over the Packers last night. That game should be recorded and saved. It was a microcosm of the Falcons 2016 season. And I'm starting to see the plan here. So here's what to expect Sunday, maybe. NFL games are so difficult to predict. There's various stuff like turnovers, a special teams' long return, pick 6 and so forth, missed FGs which can sway a game in one direction. But here's the Dan Quinn plan like alllllll season long.

Falcons offense will attack constantly. ahem, well ya can't be the #1 offense in a season unless it's an attacking scheme so that's pretty obvious. Falcons defense? hmmmm

Only three Falcons defensive players had performed in a playoff game before last week's win over the Seahawks. This D is so young it's ridiculous and may be a trend with NFL teams to turnover D players rapidly while offenses will tend to have the more seasoned players. Anyway,...the Falcons defense Sunday?,...who knows?

Ya'll gotta unnerstand, as it took me some time to, Dan Quinn has a plan and it's so basic hell it might work. So here it is. All of 2015/2016 Quinn's scheme is to play a deep cover 3 zone with man cover on the outside WR. The D-linemen are solely expected to provide pass rush and the LBs are expected to defend the run and must cover TEs and RBs in the passing game. Defending the run, D-linemen are expected to disrupt the blocking O-linemen. And Quinn rarely blitzes. He could change up and come with the house against the Packers but I rather doubt it.

In every single game in 2015/2016 the Falcons defense started the game in deep zone. This approach has often allowed the opposing offense to dink the ball into favorable field position, when if the Falcons do make them punt it places the Falcons O in a hole. But then the Falcons offense has a 98 yard TD drive like last week against the Seahawks, so there ya are. It worked that time.

Yes, the Falcons faced struggling teams to finish 2016. But to finish the campaign the Falcons D faced Drew Brees and Russell Wilson and literally shut them down. All of the Saints and Seahawks points came after the fact.

It's most probable the Falcons O scores at least 3 TDs Sunday. That should mean around an expected 27 points. So,'s alllll on your kids on defense Danny boy. And btw,...who the hell is this Aaron Rodgers? All we see is this guy. Remember the "crying blondes" in Minnysotar in 1999?