As we gear up for what should be another great week, PointAfter, a sports data site powered by Graphiq, used data from Bing Predicts to analyze Sunday's doubleheader. Bing Predicts uses web activity and social sentiment in addition to historical player, team and match stats to predict the outcome of NFL games. Web and social data allow Bing Predicts to capture real-time information about lineup changes and reaction to them to tune the strengths of teams.

Yeah, yeah,...ya'll have heard this before but it's worth repeating quickly maybe.

Say you're a young sports journalist and ya get hired to cover, say the Jaguars for a season. Cool but wait,...the Jacksonville city's newspaper, city's news dept. is owned by an entity based in New Jersey. btw,...the Atlanta(AJ@C) *paper* is owned by the NY Times. So, the company hires ya to cover the Jags but hey, was born and raised say in Michigan, went to college in Michigan and you LOVE the NFL but ya need this job even though ya ain't got no idea anything 'bout the Jags. So how do you find out wut's up with a team ya have no knowledge of? well, it's obvious. Been obvious for years that sports writers in the internet era use message boards/twit/fb/whatever to learn about teams, make predictions by web activity. I do that too but just for entertainment since I ain't making a penny.

There's a reason this site has at times over 1,000 visitors and only 40 active members online. Ya'll 40 active members are, well,...ya'll are FAMOUS! Ya'll have high paid journalists reading your thoughts on your team to gain a better perspective.

Well,'s ya'll in the media sumthin' ya'll be missing. See this #77? And forget stats, just imagine anyone having to block this monster.