Dear members of, There are some changes coming over the next weeks and months. I plan to leave the content of alone. But, which currently redirects... will no longer. Instead will offer blog style articles. If you bookmark, you should not notice a difference. As work is completed, I will be looking for bloggers who know their own team or have good NFL-wide knowledge.-Q

Excellent move. Something similar to what the Bleacher Report did. On your site, Q, we have people in the West, North, South and what's the other one, oh yeah the East and having these fans blog instead of copying media stuff is gonna do something fer sher. We'll find out who 'round here has imagination combined with knowledge. It's a tad risky but what the heck man? You're driving so let's go. There's a solid core of Jets fans, Rams fans, a Packers/Chief/Dolphins/Eagles/Giants/Niners/Raiders/Saints/Falcons fan, used to be some Vikes fans but the league is represented well at this site. Many lurkers visit this site for guess what, baby. Not bragging just fact but I'll post something on Monday during the season and I swear the media comes out with my idea almost word for word on Wednesday. But heck,...some things are pretty much obvious I suppose. Coincidence that's it!

Try to know bro that many folks are stressed with time. Some of us can come off with an English 101 500 word essay a tad quicker than others. hmmm,...I could teach them how to do it maybe. For instance ya can open a notebook, read news, make comments on the note pad hahaha correct spelling and such. Save the notebook, walk away then come back later and complete your thoughts. So ya can save time and make more sense,...if that makes sense.

Keep us appraised please. Oh I gotta do this now,...


Post Script,...just learned 'bout LSU's "Chinese Bandits" today. 1959. Just the Falcons have several former LSU tigers playing Sunday. Just a note of interest perhaps.