For you Broncos2003. Sumpthin' to sink yo teethies in.;) Had a little time to observe this soap opera known as the NFL.haha Get better baby and enjoy. I'm no Goodell-hater but he has raised my brow a few times. Geesh what is it?,...a salary of over $30 mil a year? whew that's what they say.

Many believed Goodell had cornered himself into attending the Patriots-Steelers game, considering it would seem odd to visit the same stadium two weeks in a row. But Goodell apparently doesn't care about public perception because he's skipping out on the Patriots again.
Fans in Foxborough, Mass. obviously have taken notice to Goodell's ducking Patriots games ever since Deflategate began. He hasn't been at Gillette since the 2014 playoffs and many believe it's because he's scared to attend considering how much New England fans hate him.

Oh myyyyy,...look at the response from Pats fans. There is a definite hatred a goin' on,...a serious sumpthin' is gonna happen. Don't forget when a pro sports commish loses power, his reigns, the players union thugs smell blood in the water. Remember this name,...Maurice

Following the death of Gene Upshaw in 2008, Richard Berthelsen was named interim executive director, serving from August 2008 until March 2009.[48] The NFLPA Board of Representatives elected [u]De Maurice Smith[u] for a three-year term as the executive director on March 16, 2009.[49] Smith has been largely praised for his work ethic by the media, current and former players and colleagues as director[50] and for making the union more professional despite the resentment of some players who found his leadership style to be too controlling.[51] Smith's contract was renewed for an additional three years in March 2012.[52] He was elected for a third term in March 2015.[53] The major issue of Smith's tenure has been the 2011 lockout;[54] former offensive lineman Chester Pitts praised Smith for fiercely fighting for the players' rights during negotiations.[51]

Promise ya babe, we'll be hearing from Smith very soon. There's just too much money, NFL chum bait out there. And to finish the Days Of Our Lives episode 'bout Roger and the Pats,...

Last week Goodell attended the Falcons-Seahawks NFC game (and he saw a dominating Falcons effort), and then the AFC game between the Steelers and Chiefs. If the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl he may be forced to attend the game but maybe he'll feel safer in Houston. Goodell often attends big games so his absence from any matchup involving the Patriots sticks out.-MSN Sports

And ya can look these soap opera items easily with the info sent,...

Tomlin blasts Brown for sharing locker room video hahaha busted
Packers coach to Tony Romo: ‘You deserve better’-Sportsnaut on MSN

Josh McDaniels explains why he turned down 49ers job to stay with Patriots-NESN on MSN cuz the Niners are simply awful maybe?

Colin Kaepernick's Mom Couldn't Hold Her Tongue Any Longer After What He Did-SportsChew capperidiot is just an,...idiot

Legendary details emerge surrounding Aaron Rodgers’ final play against Cowboys-Sportsnaut on MSN Over here in Falcons-land the fans are already sick of the Rodgers love from the media whilst ignoring the other guy. Fine. It's expected after many decades.hahaha,..."legendary?" as they say in Mass,...WUTEVAHHH

Patriots brush off Mike Tomlin's comments: 'Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?'-FOXSports on MSN pretty classy in my view

Report: Tony Romo wants to be traded to Broncos-Larry Brown Sports on MSN The Cowboys messed up, they had a *window* this season to win it all imo. By not going with the old tradition that a player doesn't lose his job to injury is now blown up in the NFL,...ty Jerrah for making us laugh. Oh yeah, the rookie threw 3 TDs in the loss. But the *better* QB won the game. Romo in Denver would be,...interesting and most likely profitable for the Broncos.

5 moves the Cowboys need to make to win the Super Bowl next season-MSN Sports hahaha,...amazing. I swear it'd be nice to have opinions, articles, facts 'bout say,...the Jaguars Maybe? Maybe the Titans maybe? Hell even more focus on teams like the Cards and Chiefs? How 'bout them Rams too?

shhhhh,...guess what they be doing baby? They're(media and the NFL it's self), trying to deflect attention away from angry Raiders and Chargers fans,...shhhh No one would've thought years ago three NFL franchises would be moved in a such a short span of time.<wink> Welp yo Broncos ain't goin' no where as are the Falcons.

I made this letter long on purpose. It sucks to be stuck in bed. So get better and get off IR quick**************call you tonight. Oh btw, saw yo sister on facebook in week 17,...