Oh yeah,...ya'll have fun with espen, nfl and Disney this week. You'll get all the facts ya see.

Tell ya'll a story,...ya know how old men like to tell stories. Football is unlike any sport in the whole wide wurl. Australian football and Europe's rugby are close. Yes, some could argue the NBA and high octane soccer can be as physical as the NFL. The dynamics of football, all those players, coaches, specialists and huge guys with amazing talents. I contend every NFL team has the talent to make the playoffs every season,...even the Niners and Browns.

As pappy said,..."son,...it's all in your mind."

Remember the thangie,...system of boom? Or what was it,...legion of boom? Well that boom got boomed big time. So I'm saying the Falcons beat the Hawks by score but they beat them with attitude as well. Everyone's missing it, amazing.

For now we'll celebrate. I'm not happy with Seahawks' Bennett,...little baby like he can talk **** the whole game and when it's thrown back in his baby face he cries,...nearly assaulting a reporter in the locker room, after the game? I do respect Sherman a little more. He accepted defeat like a man.

There'll be more 'bout this brotherhood stuff goin' on in Atlanta.