The spread went from 4 to 3.5 and then jumped to 6.5? hmmmmm and then there's talking heads at espn who picked the Falcons to win on Monday and now they pick the Hawks on Friday? hmmm changed they milk dud heads? hmmmm

I guess they're forced to show they hand being big time sports media figgers but hey,...I ain't ya'll boys. The game in about an hour could be a Falcons blowout, in fact, likely. And then maybe it'll come down to a damn FG which is also likely. The most unlikely thing is the Hawks blowing out the Falcons. And that's what worries me a tad,...a Hawks blowout would set the Falcons back ten years. Hell, a loss will be devastating until next September 2017.

We couldn't get tickets to the game dammit. Seems they doubled the price.

Hope this game is clean. Knowing the Hawks,...hahaha nice thought anyway