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Thread: It's allll on you man

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    It's allll on you man

    Well here it is,...I am soooooooo glad the first Division Playoff game will feature the Falcons/Seahawks. Anticipation is becoming a distraction. But looking at the larger picture by thinking of others,...imagine the pressure on all those Falcons rookies on defense, all those 2nd and 3rd year guys who've [i]never played in a playoff game[/u]?

    Maybe all those youngsters are gonna be too hyped for anything to matter and I promise we'll see the boys flying 'round on defense Saturday. On offense the Falcons will play two running backs, one a 2nd year guy and the other a 3 yr vet, 3rd RB is a rookie. But the *real* pressure is on a 9 year vet.

    He's the franchise QB we've not seen since Steve Bartkowski,...and I admit Michael Vick. He owns every single franchise record along with a couple NFL all-time records passing. hahaha funny,...Vick owns NFL records rushing the ball as a QB. Anyways,'s alllll on this guy.

    Ryan is 1-4 in the playoffs. If the Falcons lose Saturday Matty will be, like he's already been portrayed, seen as a loser in the playoffs,...period. It's on you man.

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    Didn't Seattle come down to Atlanta for the playoffs a few years ago? The writing is on the wall. I think Falcons are a better team than the 2012 version and should win.

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