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Thread: Burning down the Dome

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    Burning down the Dome

    I have never given two squirts about the Falcons, I have no reason to think that will ever change, win or lose. MC Hammer brought more fame to there team, than anything players ever did, and that is kind of sad, but I still don't care.

    Revenge is a dish best served with Falcon wings dipped in Boom sauce.

    I hate the Falcons. They are the enemy. We must crush them.

    We should feast on them. That game has all the fixin's of a Seahawk win.

    That's just a few Hawks fans. Falcons fans aren't much better,...but if you like physical, ugly football tune in on Saturday at 4:25 ET. It's just Tuesday but my gawsh social media is aflame between Falcons fans and Seahawks fans. Then Dan Quinn said yesterday the loss in Seattle earlier this 2016 season, "left a bad taste." ohhh my talk about fueling the fire. Then Falcons fans saw online an espn figgero, a buddy of Richard Sherman said after the Hawks win over the Lions,..."see ya at the NFCCG bru!" Believe it or not, the espn muppett head homey actually apologized to Falcons fans! amazing one of those types would even aplogize and too,...the apology means he knew he said something wrong,...I suppose.

    There's Falcons and Hawks TROLLS flooding each other's forums, whether it be the usual social media outlets or message boards. It's hilarious and interesting. What's funny is when these trolls from both sides attempt appearing intelligent. It's also funny when some people who get things embarrass the expert-wannabe. But it's interesting,...something I wasn't aware. Seahawks fans as a rule really don't like the Falcons and I ask, why? Other than eliminating the Hawks in the 2012 playoffs 30-28, what have the Falcons done to your team other than lose?

    Just proves private and closed forums are many times the way to go or turn crazy with the crazies. And believe me,...Falcons fans are extremely, ummmm, agitated maybe? The sports media has messed up if the Falcons run the table and big time. Everything the media says in today's environment can never be hidden again. And some of the stuff these Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, Giants homies have said and written 'bout the Falcons the last few weeks is,...very risky. What amazes me is they're dismissing the Falcons summarily when the *amn Falcons are a good team,...maybe not able to beat the Patriots in a Super Bowl but, and here I go being a homey, the Crows can beat any of the remaining NFC candidates to appear in Super Bowl 51.

    They do get one thing and I agree. Saturday's game will feature some 15 yard yellow hankies, which reminds me. Back on October 16th in Seattle the Falcons were penalized 8 times, 4 of 'em(O-holding) ended drives. The Seahawks were flagged 3 times,...and then le zebras allowed an obvious Richard Sherman pass interference to be let go? Oh yeah,...anyone can watch the play. October 16, 2016 in Seattle. Almost makes ya wonder if some slanted officiating exists after watching the Seahawks beat the Lions in the wild card round the other day. Sho do appear the Hawks get some serious beneficial officiating. Like lyrics in the song Burning down the house, out! You might get what you're after!


    hahaha worried about the refs? Imagine that

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