Holy Grail, Buddha's nuts, Hitler's sinal fluid, Clinton's stained dress, the Lombardi Trophy, OJ's glove that fit, Obama's birth certificate, Ark of the Covenant and the Spear of Destiny. Every moment that passes is history. They say learning history can enable recognizing what's to come. Odds are,...they're right most of the time but not all the time.

The first Divisional game played this weekend will leave a team with a puncture when it's all over and done. Do ya'll know what the Spear of Destiny is?

Ya'll don't know the energy it took to break the damned Saints curse. And it was FUN! But after that I'm a little drained. But we'll have 2 more days to get ready. And hey,...we'll be freaking ready boys.

Through the years we've seen teams like the Falcons before. Ya know a high powered offense and a few stars on defense,...kind of like the old Buffalo Bills and Dolphins with Marino. They never won a Super Bowl. But those teams weren't using the Cover 3 defense. In Atlanta Saturday we'll see the Hawks/Falcons use this defense. We'll also see the West Coast Offense in all its' glory as well, from both offenses.

They can talk Cowboys/Packers, as they are salivating mucho in the media, alllll they want. The AFC is set for the Patriots or possibly the Steelers to appear in *another* Super Bowl.

Dan Quinn knows the Seahawks and Seahawks knows Dan Quinn's defense. From past games when two teams in the playoffs knows each other so much,...it usually turns into a close game. As usual <sigh> turnovers will determine thangs.