Playoff weekend is here, yay. As 4 teams watch from they well earned byes, come Sunday night 4 teams will have been eliminated. The timing of these games couldn't have been better for the Falcons.

Tonight's Wild Card playoff game in Seattle will narrow down the Falcons next opponent. Hawks win and they fly to Atlanta, Lions win and the Falcons will have to wait for the result of the Packers/Giants game tomorrow. Meaning a Hawks win tonight gives the Falcons staff another day to prepare. The Hawks will also have that extra day, but could be shackled in the Divisional round due to travel/injuries. Heck, everybody's banged up come playoffs.

People around the country have no idea the, ummmm, degree of, ummmm, urgency of the Falcons franchise. It's really amazing the time coaches and players devote to winning at the huge facility Northeast of Atlanta in Flowery Branch. It's becoming what we expect from the Falcons. We expect professionals working to win, well paid professionals. Not a bunch of guys going on a road trip to Miami with a playoff game only 5 days away. And as some teams with byes gave the week off?,...the Falcons practiced three days last week,...

Working for a livin'

Amazing grace

Truck on baby

good grief,...I may even start sayin' it too, yech.