Reminds me of the Love Boat incident when Daunte Culpepper and the boys bought prostitutes, chartered two boats to sail on Lake Michigan and had a sexual event.

Well, well,...ever wonder why millionaire athletes wind up broke? Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard and Roger Lewis partied in Miami with Justin Bieber and rapper Trey Songz. Last Sunday night the boys flew from Washington to Miami right after a 19-10 win,...didn't take a shower, didn't fly back to Jersey with the team. When asked 'bout the Miami party trip Giants 1st yr HC said,..."everyone's off until Tuesday".

These guys flew down to Florida and Beckham and his teammates went out to the LIV nightclub(nude bar) in Miami and stayed until early Monday morning still stinking from not taking a shower and hanging out with Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Jamie Foxx, Khloe Kardashian, and Johnny Manziel?, according to TMZ.

What happened was on Tuesday, Cruz posted a photo on Instagram of himself, Beckham, Shepard, Giants teammates, and rapper Trey Songz while on a boat in Miami. Cruz later deleted the post but it was preserved on social media.

Partying with Manziel???? My gawd. At a strip club? Man, things are getting weird. In that photo on the boat it looks like those dawgs appear very angry and unhappy. Oh well,...liquor, women, white lines and a blunt can cause scowls on peeps' faces the next morning sometimes.

google Beckham party boat pics,...this boy loves to party at, ahem, night clubs. Loves his high paid whores. Such a waste of time and energy,...and money. Just me,...this boy is not a professional. And for him to be a so called leader of the Giants, the "face" of the franchise? Nice face ya'll have Gints.

Promise,...if any NFL fans have suffered more than Falcons fans with players and coaches' antics, it's not likely. Cruz's TD dances,...BeckHAM's hair. That's what the media is doing like they did with Vick. They're ramming it down everyone's throats, thus?,...lower viewership you idiots.