My good friend in Denver, very football savvy young guy, a fantasy footballer type and huge Broncos fan were talking Monday 'bout thangs in general. He plays all kinds of football games like FF, pick'em type things for money ahem, even Madden which is fine. Apparently other than Matt Ryan, FFootballers avoid the rest of the Falcons even Julio!

Seems from what was said there were three 2016 games in which Julio had "bad days" stat-wise which pissed off some people,...and I said yeah but there was a reason for those bad games. My buddy didn't see those games so understandable,...I can't watch every Broncos game. In those 3 games Kyle Shanahan used Julio as bait. Julio was drawing three men in cover man sometimes and definitely was doubled on every single play. Ryan still had great passing games so there ya are man. The Falcons won all 3 of those games. Look familiar?

And then I asked my bud like a fool, "anyone ever use/draft or whatever in their FF game the Falcons defense?" and he laughed.

The conversation turned long then. And quite honestly it gets old explaining Dan Quinn's defense. There are lots of NFL teams using this defensive scheme. Ya'll know I call it the West Coast defense and the Broncos employ it. Lemme put it a nutshell,...stats matter not to this Quinn defense EXCEPT SACKS! Sacks and pressure on the passer is paramount for success. And turnovers too. But as far as playing a soft zone the whole game, allowing the opposing team to gain mucho yards and even scores?,...that's been what we've seen the last two seasons man, it's the plan man. It's a difference in Quinn's WC defense in that he's willing to barely blitz(not sure I saw a single blitz in the win over Nawlins last Sunday), expecting pressure applied by the front 4 or 5. But it's the deep zone coverage in the secondary which has skewed stats making the Falcons defense appear less than average. I have noticed btw teams often set up the run with an early short passes against the Falcons in most games.

I love my buddy but FF just ain't me. He keeps trying to get me into it. Hell, last year I played a pick'em thangie at the other site and embarrassed meself. It was awful.

Anyways, it's fascinating to hear and read NFL fans opines from afar.