Michael Vick,...a source of mucho good football play and bad memories has been forgiven by Falcons fans. It was really an emotional moment at halftime when former players were honored yesterday. The fans in Atlanta may be dumbasses but it warmed me heart when Vick was applauded. And so he's been forgiven in the hearts of good peoples. It helps when Falcons fans have arguably the finest QB in the league right now.

Vick was the epitome of the "running QB" which the media tried to portray as something new. Remember the media talkin' bout the New Breed QB? haha guess they forgot about Billy Kilmer who held NFL rushing records until Vick broke them. Forgot about Roger the Dodger Staubach, Steve Young, Roman Gabriel, Falcons David Archer was a scooting runner,...but when Culpepper/McNabb/Akili Smith(who is dat?), were drafted it seemed the media found something new when it wasn't. See,...the media saw skin color when most of us don't consider skin color as a barometer for anything. Then when Vick was drafted the media literally rammed the guy down people's throats and general NFL fans reacted in not so nice ways. One guy even said Vick is bad for High School football? amazing

There were many former Falcons honored at halftime yesterday. It was good to see them healthy and happy and good to remember what these guys gave us beleagured fans. It'd be nice to continue this winning ways in Atlanta. As types like this tend to ignore,...

shhhhhh,...a mindset is being formed. It was sent through the media's tentacles that Vick would prolly be booed by fans. You idiots. There's a different feel in Atlanta than in past seasons. And it's funny the mainstream sports medium is so,...freaking blind to it.