Go Lions! If Detroit can win @ Seattle, then @ Dallas and the Falcons beat the winner of the Packers/Giants there'll be a Lions/Falcons matchup in the NFC Championship Game. nahhh,...dream on. Games in Seattle and Dallas? It's like ya gotta beat the whole wide wurl, including game officials.

Seattle is the #3 seed so if they beat the Lions they come to Atlanta in less than two weeks. And believe me, Falcons fans are already talking revenge for the rigged game in Seattle last 2016 season.

I peruse fans of teams on some social media stuff. One thread I found telling,...a Cowboys message board.

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I anticipate Dallas benefiting from some narrative officiating this postseason.

ahhhhh, so that's the mentality of Cowboys, Patriots, Steelers, Packers, Seahawks fans? Soooooo,...ya'll expect favorable officiating? I dunno, but to me that's winning CHEAP. Now I get it! I want the Lions to win so the Falcons will have the home cooking in the NFCCG in Atlanta, not the home cooking in Dallas. sick

That above is just observation,...now lemme get the pom poms out and cheer.

Unbelievably the Falcons won 11 games with a super wicked schedule. Like tempering metal this team has been,...tempered. It's amazing the media ignores the contribution of rookies on the D. Still ignoring Matt Ryan's accomplishments, ignoring a fine O-line, receivers, RBs, TEs, great FB,...great kicker/punter. 6 pro bowlers from the 2016 season is all. Can anyone believe a guy who passed for 5,000 yds would not be selected to the Pro Bowl?,...over a rookie? Brees was stiffed.

Back to the playoffs. The Lions are an interesting team. They started off 1-3 in 2016 then went 8-1, then lost the last 3 games of the season. They lost @ Dallas something like 42-21 a couple weeks ago. The spread for the game in Seattle is 8. Former UGA Bulldawg Matthew Stafford is gonna have to earn his millions if the Lions have any chance in Seattle.

I'm not delusional,...no way the Lions pull off wins in Seattle then at Dallas,...just dreamin'