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Thread: Back from the Dome/ATL uggh

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    Back from the Dome/ATL uggh

    the brotherhood

    no walking on the logo in locker room

    It was a fun time in Atlanta today. The Falcons won, stayed healthy and beat the Saints. But oh my after going up early the Falcons almost got caught. As I said the Saints ain't got no quit in them. It's just a fact no one can hold back Drew Brees, a definite easy Hall Of Famer. Ingram got his 1,000, Brees got his 5,000, NFL record.

    There were some Falcons fans rubbing it in after the game, know in the pisser and in the rail thang a hollerin' WHO DAT?!? classless but expected from chilrens. And there were lots of Saints fans there. Hey,...not to seem like some sort of sexual deviant or anything but my my those Saints gals sho were lookin' some kind of fine today. Ahem, back to football.

    For the fourth time to finish the season the Falcons look like Wurl beaters especially on offense. But one could suggest it was against the Rams, Niners, Panthers and Saints all teams with losing 2016 records,...FINE! I recall many past games, seasons, when a more talented Falcons team would LOSE to an inferior opponent. Tough Doo DOO cause it appears that ain't happnin' no more.

    It was fun. There were more peeps in the Dome than were seats, I swear. Maybe after kick off, like in the old days, peeps could walk in for free and maybe buy an $8 beer or a $5 hot dog. It was kinda wierd. Stands were full and there was like, I dunno, another 10,000 walking round and round in the upper and lower level, was a sea of humanity. And I guarantee ya'll I've already took a shower.

    Well hell,...we went to the last regular season game, nostalgic. haha but there'll be at least one more game in the Georgia Dome, a playoff game, possibly two if the Cowboys stumble.

    My gawd people,...please cut back on the perfume please? yech daisy dream? smells like,...shhh Pen be nice now,...crap it's 1:00, gotta get up early. Oh what we sacrifice, the things we suffer for our team. Like smelling some weird ass perfume even after a shower.

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