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Thread: No quit in Saints

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    No quit in Saints

    What I'm about to say won't endear me to the fans of a few teams. So lemme get it outta the way to start with. The last 3 games Falcons opponents appeared to "quit" and I mean it was obvious. The Rams in LA quit,...the Niners in Atlanta quit big time and the Panthers in Charlotte amazingly quit before half time. I have this feeling the Saints won't be quittin' like those others.

    In NFL divisions there's coaches who make sure their team plays hardest against certain opponents within the division. Ya know like Belichick's Patriots domination over the hahaha rest of the division but you know what I mean. With Sean Payton we can be damped sure he wants to win in Atlanta to finish the regular season. It wouldn't matter if the Falcons and Saints were both 1-14 or were both 14-1. I really thought the Rams would be a problem but turned out they're having internal issues unknown until after the game. I knew the Niners were to be zero concern,...but the Panthers stunned me with they performance. To finish in that fashion, at home, the last home game of the season and play like that against a division opponent is just, well,...lemme be nice and just say I'm disappointed in Riverboat. I personally respect Riverboat. I respect Payton even more as an offensive mind. Remember, ya can respect someone and dislike them too.

    Looks like Brees gets 5,000 yds passing. Mark Ingram needs 60 yds to go over 1,000. It's the #1 and #2 offenses facing off and btw,...checking the Falcons defense's updated depth chart and it made me chuckle. the Crows defense HAS to be the youngest in the NFL. It's really amazing. In the secondary Falcons just signed a 9 yr vet, a safety, then there's CB Robert Alford a crusty old 4 yr vet. Then there's three 2 yr vets, two 1 yr vets and three rookies,...has to be the youngest secondary along with the entire defense in the league. Oh my,...and will be schooled come Sunday by Payton and Brees/Ingram, doubt. Score to this game could be 51-48.

    Edit: oops forgot to mention the Saints have scored over 40 points 4 times in 2016(49 vs Rams).

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