Two of the NFL's finest centers will play Sunday in Atlanta, maybe. Saints Max Unger has a foot hurt and is questionable, Falcons Alex Mack is healthy. To the quick here,...wonder why the Falcons and Saints offenses are so potent? It's obvious isn't it? I dunno but it's always been simple. Ya get a top flight NFL QB, get a fine blocking center which helps a RB to get his 1,000 and the QB to pass for over 4,000. And build around that.

Mack was drafted by the Browns in 2009 with their 21st overall pick. The Falcons had the 24th choice. Before that draft I begged the Falcons trade one of their two 2nd round picks to move up and draft Mack,...oh nooooo. They traded the higher 2nd round pick for,...Tony Gonzales? Gonzo was great, don't get me wrong but it was a move to win it all right now. With an awful O-line, even in 2012(13-3), Matt Ryan kept the ship afloat pretty much by himself. Now he has help.

So in 2009 I then said okay,...missed Mack but there's Max Unger YEAH! Well crap, the Falcons passed on Unger in the 1st then the Seahawks snatched him up before the Falcons 2nd round pick came around. Unger helped the Hawks win a Super Bowl and btw,...every single Falcons draft picks that year are out of the NFL. Mack couldn't help the Browns for obvious reasons.

It's kinda like baseball, to have a good team ya gotta be good "up the middle."

This is the first season since like, 6 years that Matt Ryan has had clean pockets to throw. Before this year the center, if not making bad snaps, would get pushed into Ryan's lap. And Mack has the ability to block down on the next level proficient in the run game unlike former Falcons centers thus the run game thrives.

All the usual teams which seem to always win they divisions and playoff games allllll have fine centers, fact.