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Thread: Dream on baby, no effect on me anymore

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    Dream on baby, no effect on me anymore

    I get these alerts from my buddies. Think they're trying to get me riled or something. Well here's my response boys. This'll be in message board post-mode.haha

    By Nick Shook

    Cam Newton hasn't been quite himself this season.
    Whether it has been his up and down play, his dress code fiasco or his beef with officiating, there's frequently been something to do with the star quarterback in a season that has been one to forget for Carolina. He had one of his worst games Saturday in a loss to Atlanta, completing just 18 of 43 attempts for 198 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

    Denver created the blueprint to bottle up Brett Favre back in Super Bowl XXXII, and soon, the rest of the league was playing copycat to limit the Hall of Famer. Perhaps the Broncos have done the same to Newton, who has seen more pressure and frequent hits from defenders in 2016 in the aftermath of Super Bowl 50, a game in which he was almost constantly harassed by defenders.

    What was underlined is a lie or it's IGNORANCE! It was 2003 in a playoff game on the Frozen Tundra when the Falcons defense showed how to stop, or slow down Favray. GEEESH! That was the first Packers playoff game lost on the Frozen Tundra. So then the writer totally ignored the Falcons plan to disrupt Newton's game?

    It was Exactly a year ago today when the Falcons defense not the Broncos D, unrolled the blueprint to beat the, then, 14-0 Panthers. The Broncos D-coor admitted he used Atlanta's scheme,...the 3 deep zone as well. Not many people know this apparently. I could dig back in posts for proof but if you're curious and have the time go for it. December 27, 2015. Prolly page 138.haha The other thing Wade Philips said that he noticed in the Falcons win harassing Newton in the pocket was as good as a sack, that is a fact. The Falcons a year ago today only had two sacks but the front 4-5 never gave Cammy a clean pocket thus in 30 attempts Newton had only around 150 yards passing.

    The fact Philips varied from his vaunted 3-4 is a testament to a great football mind. Oh, it looked like the good ole 3-4 but in Super Bowl 50 and in week #1 this year there were more guys coming than just 3 or 4. Adjusting like that is football genius imo. The Falcons showed the method to disrupt the guy's game and that was and is to make the game "not fun" haha for him. And see remember too,...the Falcons were out for blood after being embarrassed two weeks before in Charlotte, 38-0. But that game showed what to do against the NFL MVP. ummm btw,...the Falcons swept the Panthers this year. Oh yeah,...from the Broncos games this year I've been able to watch Philips is using this "West Coast Defense" as I call it, more and more.

    Oh well,...fake news is everywhere. And lawd forbid the Falcons get any credit for any bull****. I wonder if buffoons like Nick Shook at realize people aren't as stupid as he thinks or like they have no memories. Isn't that what got the new Prez elected?,...the distrust of the media? After decades what are we lowly Falcons fans to expect,...respect in any degree? Dreeeeeem on baby

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