My goodness Ya'll need to let this MVP talk slide. Yesterday, Christmas, and this morning lots has been said 'bout who'll be chosen 2016 NFL MVP in the media leaving almost all Falcons fans in a foul mood. Last night the Falcons beat writer was tweeting. Here's what went down,...

David English @denglishjr
DOrlandoAJC you think Ryan has a shot at MVP?
8:31 PM - 25 Dec 2016

D. Orlando Ledbetter @DOrlandoAJC
No. Too many 4th quarter INTs (4)
8:50 PM - 25 Dec 2016

Ohhhh My! Falcons fans and for good reason have had enough of this guy. Falcons fans got rid of that idiot Matt Winklejohn once and after that tweet and subsequent tweets defending what was said, Falcons fans are seriously motivated to get shed of DLed. For ya'll that don't know, two of those 4th qtr INTs were dropped passes deflected into defender's hands. I mean both passes, one in Seattle which lost the game was a perfect pass dropped/deflected for an INT, dropped by Julio.

So this morning on sports talk shows, when talking NFL MVP, they're are all over Brady and Rodgers and are all dismissing Matty summarily. And this is like throwing gas on a fire. Ya'll should seeeeee what's being said hahaha actually entertaining. Actually it's nice to see Falcons fans gettin' together realizing the bias and not being NFL robots.

Me? I don't care one way or the other. What is it,...someone noted the last NFL MVP to win a SB was Warner in 1999?hmmmnot sure but anyways it's fun to watch. But the dismissal of Ryan is another example of this thing I couldn't fathom. You know,...the way Falcons teams have been ignored, pffft at by media members in the nawtheast for decades. I received permission to post this hahaha post as a reason,...

ESPN has a company-wide aversion to all things Atlanta. * Connecticut is the truest Yankee state but I think it has more to do with cable competition in their early years against Ted Turner.

Oh my,...I never considered Crazy Ted was the reason. The Turner Network actually televised the first TNF games on TNT, I forgot. Fascinating as I recall Turner used local voices(Atlanta media types), like Skip Caray Sr. to call the game live and he was awesome! I have that game against the Bengals on disc. Boomer Esiason and all. Soooooo,...I thought Southerners were the ones holding grudges for decades, even 150 years? We all laughed at the billionaire back then,...Turner stayed drunk every hour of his awake time but did bring one sole Championship(Braves), 50 years of professional sports in Atlanta.

It's funny, some people are already weary talkin' 'bout this subject, just let it go man/lady/whatever. They're not worth the energy. Let's think 'bout those voo doo Saints before anything else, the heck with the MVP. Brady deserves ithahaha