A win at Oakland,...a win at Denver,...win @ Nawlins,...win @ Carolina. Lose close as heck games in Seattle and Philly. Lose at home in OT to the Chargers, lose to the Chiefs at home by 1 point but dominate a fine Cardinals team. People have no idea,...the Falcons could be 13-2 cause there's only been two games this year an opponent has dictated their win. hahaha those other teams must've gotten, Lol lucky. Sorry,...I'll never forget Panthers fans saying that last year when the Falcons were 5-0. They said the Falcons were "lucky?" haha You ask for what you say and think.

There's little being said 'bout today's game in Charlotte. Fine. We're accustomed to being ignored. Hey you idiots in the media, up there in Connetticut and Jersey???? Lemme, ya know me,...a good ole country boy,...chewin' my baccer and a drinkin' my moon shine. Look at mah dawg over der. He's a true hawnd dawg. He just sleeps all the damp time for some reason. Oh but lemme edumacate you boys in yo suits up there.

The Falcons are for real IDIOTS!

So good, a division crown but that ain't jack ****. Nothing matters but a Lombardi.