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Thread: Walking into the lair

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    Walking into the lair

    Ever went somewhere and felt like you were walking into an ambush of some sort? Maybe it's a social event, might be a Christmas gathering, a wedding, funeral or something like that? It feels tomorrow's game in Charlotte is like walking into some stuff. Ya never wanna back a cat into a corner and ya never wanna face a team like the Panthers when they have nuthin to lose.

    The Panthers are an angry team and they have the puuurfect potential prey,...a black bird.

    The espns and nflns were rating importance of games tomorrow. This game wasn't mentioned. typical. There's gonna be a battle in Charlotte tomorrow. Lots of history, lots of drama when ya got a drama queen on stage,...not mentioning names here, ahem. As I said before this is the last game in Charlotte in 2016. I promise the Panthers as a whole will be wanting to win this game badly for multiple reasons, mainly revenge but also hatred of the Falcons.

    Oh how we can expect the yellow hankies a flying tomorrow.

    So yeah, feels like walking into an ugly situation tomorrow. If anyone is, ummmm, capable of being vengeful it'd be the Panthers QB.

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    I don't know, Pen. Atlanta should win going away. Whatever sparse comment Cowherd I think made, or maybe it was the local station that said Panthers were disintegrating. They're not all that far off for an away game, either.

    In contrast, Fins go up to Buffalo. Not a spectacular team but a real tough history up there, most recently losing four straight. 2010-1 were back-to-back wins, exceptional, in that Fins went 1-5 before that. Wind channels through the stadium. It's wet and cold. I think its hard to practice in that though they thrive in it.

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