Just saw a NON CALL, didn't flag for evident pass interference in tonight's TNF game. What is it with NFL game officials? When it gets late in games they tend to allow more,...stuff it seems. It's like they're afraid to influence the outcome, like it didn't matter in the 1st qtr., in late moments of a game.

The Giants loss in Philly was huge. It ensures a Cowboys long run in the playoffs.

Oh well,...no need to click the clicker to the NFLN. hahaha haven't clicked over there in days. Last time I did it was allllllll Tom Brady and the Cowboys,...hmmmmm. I just picked the two teams to play in toilet bowl 51,...or is it 52? Who cares?

The Falcons lost a game in Seattle earlier this season, trying to come from behind in a cloooooose game. It was Oct 16 and the Falcons lost 28-26,...and attempting to get in field position to kick a game winning FG late in the game the Falcons went to, guess who, Julio Jones and he was wide ass open. Matty underthrew the ball a bit and the Seahawks defender,...that guy named Sherman, undressed Julio in an obvious fashion. Guess what? NO FLAG end of game.

Not bitching here, just noticing a trend in officiating.

Also notice in the 1st qtr. it's a 25 second clock for offenses and it goes to a 40 second clock later in games. 15 seconds difference do make a difference ya'll.

It ain't been a bad year for the zebras,...ahem, it's been a joke they allow certain teams to get away with stuff and then punish lower tier teams for the same damp thang. What's funny is, this season several times a team led the game in penalties and won the game. That gives the officials,...credibility maybe.

Influencing the outcome of a game is the deal. The first snap of the game and when there's 6 seconds left in the game it should be called,...officiated, the same way one would think.

I shudder to think what the refs have in store for the Falcons come Saturday in Charlotte. I promise you Daniel Quinn,...tell yo boys on defense to be very, very careful when tackling Superman. Make sure yo hets are no where near his pretty het. Spy him with Beasley and try to cover Greg Olsen(good luck).

It's just a matter of fact. A bad call, an erroneous flag thrown is one thing. But a non call can mean so much more,...more.