It's been such a fun 2016 season. Playing teams out West, great division battles and watching the Falcons compete and a few times beat 2016 playoff teams has been, It's not just that the Falcons have a winning 2016 season, yay, but it's been fun watching the offense. It's sometimes difficult watching the defense but we can't be like Patriots fans(having it all), can we?

We'll be there New Year's Day in Atlanta to watch the Falcons and Saints game to end the season. It might be a big game for the Falcons. But before that game we'll have to endure watching a game on TV Saturday, Charlotte. I'm sorry,...not really, but I'm dreading watching the game this Christmas Eve. It's gonna be lots of personal fouls and trash talkin' especially early on. This team just can't help it.

At this point, at 9-5 it'll be great to lose the game and get outta Charlotte healthy. Thought I knew who Ron Rivera was until all that happened last season. He's turned out to be a bad man imo. And to think I defended Riverboat when Panthers fans were wanting him fired 2 years ago,...amazing my stupidity. But he did mastermind a 15-1 super bowl appearance season so, there ya go.

But back to the game Saturday,...I just dread it. Lemme be plain here,...what the Panthers did to the Falcons in Charlotte last year is not forgotten. What the Falcons did to the Panthers last season is not forgotten equally. And what the Falcons did to the Panthers earlier this year hasn't left their memory.

Eat your pregame tail gate meal, which we always do, but expect an ugly game. Wash it down with beer for digestion purposes, ahem.