Tonight's game @ Washington will be interesting. The Redskins are 7-5-1 in the hunt for a wildcard playoff slot. The Panthers can win out 2016 and wind up 8-8. So the Skins have a tad mo incentive to win but they have a problem. Go to profootballreference and check out the Skins' injuries. The Cats have injuries too but no where near the amount the Skins have reported.

The Redskins have a fine offense but a terrible defense(sounds like the Falcons). They employ the good old cover 2 scheme. The Panthers are a known quantity offensively,'s all about the chuck and duck, Newton running the ball and they running game in general. Charlotte's defense,...I dunno what Rivera is thinking but I do know the Panthers had their proverbial "window" last season. As folks forget, their roster had lots of experienced players last season(15-1). And anyone who could see knew there would be roster turnover and old guys getting older especially on defense.

The Falcons beat the Panthers almost 3 months ago and next Sunday they travel to Nawth Kaylinna. A team can change a lot in 3 months. So it'll be nice to sit back and observe the Cats on MNF.

Now to the soap opera stuff. The Skins have some guys on they team who enjoy talking trash. They're at home in Washington. It's gonna happen. We know the NFL spanked the Panthers for their antics last season. But it's not conceivable Panthers players will take the talk completely w/o retaliation,...we'll see.

Prediction? Usually the team with the better QB wins the game in the NFL. No one knows Terry Cousins has passed for over 4,000 yds with 2 games left. Using that criteria we know which teams wins don't we? Now there's a chance the 2015 NFL MVP plays like a MVP tonight so in that case it makes it a bit of a dice roll. hmmmm,...Skins are a 7 point fave,...I'd prolly bet the Panthers beat the spread and lose the game. A Panthers loss will ensure there'll be many empty seats Christmas Eve in Charlotte.

But still,...there's this thing about the Falcons ruining the Panthers run at a perfect season last year, remember? I don't think it's gonna make a difference if the Panthers win or lose tonight. Come Saturday those Panthers will be in revenge mode,...noooooooo doubt.