When the Niners QB took the field there were boos,...ugly boos, low key with a distinct dislike.

Never seen an NFL team quit on the very first drive. And they had the ball. Then the Falcons go right down for a TD,...Freeman untouched into end zone. Then the Niners fumble the ball back to Atlanta. Nice start guys,...reminds me Niners/Falcons games from the '90's when it was SF who got all the breaks.

The Niners starting QB was awful in the 1st qtr. And it's funny, the Niners deactivated the 3rd string QB so they had only two. They couldn't, if I unnerstand the rule, could not bring in the backup(other than for injury), because that would deactivate the starter. So in this game they were stuck with their,...guy unless he was hurt.

2nd game in a row the Falcons scored 21 points in the opening 20 minutes. 2nd game in a row it was 21-0 at that time.

Actually brought tears to me eyes,...nah,...I don't cry about anything but babies and animals. Sorry football and women, ya'll ain't gettin' it.

It goes back to my old sayin' about that "great humbler" being a factor,...given time. Before halftime it was a 'lil bit funny seeing the faces of Niners players, coaches and fans in the Dome. But I ain't laughing out loud cause I been on the other end of these type ass whippins too many times.

Heath Evans,...where are you now little boy? Niners will upset the Falcons you said, assuredly. To predict an NFL game's outcome in black and white is dumb as dumb can be. I gave the Niners some love last week citing their few strengths. I said sometimes a team has a bad day, referring to the possibility the Falcons have one and loses. But no, you chose a Niners win over an obvious superior opponent, and I know why. We see ya'll clearly.