Before the 2016 season this buffoon picked the Falcons to win Sunday's game. Now he's picking the Niners? Do these people even remember what they've said? Just a few months ago? Here's Heath, once a steroid-baby, and his preseason predictions regarding the Falcons 2016 season.

No one holds these embiciles in sports media accountable. If Heath's predictions came true the Falcons should be 3-10. haha And two of the wins he predicted the Falcons lost.

Juuuuuuust like the political media, sports media members allllll say the same damp thangs over and over. In the Falcons case, since the loss week #13 to the Chiefs(29-28), the muppet heads are alllll saying it's time for the Falcons to fail,...just like last season? Do these people watch Falcons games? Are they so ill-informed as to not know the Falcons defense has seen a tremendous turnover in players from last year? Include the addition of a Pro Bowl center? ummmmm What about the deep stable of fast as hell, deep I repeat, WR corps? Hey, what about a QB having an MVP season? Oh noooooo,'s that time of year when we in the media has reached a consensus about those dirty birds and that'd be FAIL. You people make us sick. Go back to reporting 'bout the Cowboys as ya'll drool, smiling like dogs.

Believe me, Falcons fans are all over this guy. And it's turning out idiots like Heath are the reason the NFLN/espn are having less viewership. I see more and more true football fans posting they can't bear watching the NFLN and lots don't watch pregame shows on Sunday, like me. jeeshus it's bad when some old fart knows more about the game than a FORMER PLAYER do.

But! There is a reason which the goob didn't mention to suggest a late season collapse. Julio, I believe, won't play again at the earliest to finish the season against the Saints, if not then saving him for the playoffs. Ahem, but again, I know the Falcons WRs corps is deep, something Heath wouldn't know. Imagine that.