There are games this weekend which will be telling. The Bucs play in Dallas and the Bucs just won't go away. The Saints and Panthers are toast division-wise unless the Bucs and Falcons lose out. Heck, the Panthers won the division with a losing record(7-8-1), one year.

Last week we heard the "experts" predicting a Rams upset over the Falcons. Granted there are some highly paid sports peeps who recognize Atlanta as a talented team, which they are. Marsall Faulk, Cowherd,...why even listen to these haters? Jeesus,...ya got 4 rookies, sometimes 5 rookies on the field on defense, ya got an offense that's incredible and one idiot said last week the weakness of the Falcons offense is, hahahaha the center? A pro bowl center? Ohhhhh, my bad, he's wearing a Falcons jersey, sorry I forgot. Now he sucks. incredible

I admit, was't sure what would happen in LA last Sunday. Obviously the Falcons are wayyyy mo talented but other things come into play such as officiating and injuries, traveling across the country. And come Sunday I'll be worried a team with only one win in mid-December could, and CAN beat the Falcons. As we saw last Sunday a team can have a bad day.

Back to those pesky Bucs,...they face Amurica's teem with a young QB behind a superb O-line and a ROY RB. There's gonna be some interesting stuff come Sunday. If the Bucs are fo real we'll find out. Their problem is injuries on the D-line. The Cowboys QB is a media-darling juuuuuust cause he can run the football and is another wasted project imo. But with the Bucs' hurts well, we'll see.

The Falcons host Cappernick and HIS Niners,...ya'll know the face of a franchise is they QB right. And hey! The point spread dropped from 14.5 to 13.5! There's hope the Falcons are embarrassed. As a fan ya look at games in a macro kinda mode. If you go micro, well, I'll leave that to the coaches cause we fans have no control over that. But the Falcons best keep an eye on the Niners' run game.

The Bucs are gonna have to prove their record is valid. So will the Falcons.

oh yeah,...Matty was interviewed last week, hahaa! Ya'll do know this boy has passed for over 4,000 yards in seasons forever? Well he's already over 4,000 yds with 3 games left. When asked about silencing his critics, last year when peeeps were saying he was awful?

“To stick the middle finger up right now, it’s a little bit early.” — Matt Ryan on silencing last year’s*critics hahahaha I like it