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Thread: For whom the bell tolls

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    For whom the bell tolls

    This stuff about Eric Dickerson is weird. The HOFamer has come out saying he had nuttin' to do with Fisher's firing? hahaha yeah right. When ya let someone on the sideline, a former great, the former great don't need to be screaming and hollerin' and dats what Eric was a doin' boys. That's why he was asked to watch games in a luxury booth.

    The old fool says he didn't get Fisher fired but if you look it up, Eric suggested the Rams hire Harbaugh,...his second choice? Eric said,...Falcons O-coor Kyle Shanahan. That right after Fisher's firing.

    After what we went through with Michael Vick, I sympathize with Rams fans, St.Louis and LA. It ain't fun.

    But again, a loss to the Falcons can be a death knoll to head coaches. From Tom Landry to Tony Dungy, Jim Mora, Jimmy Johnson while in Miami, the list is long.

    The NFL is a soap opera. Well, at least it is off the field. During the game things are still pretty much football-pure. Pretty much.

    additional: haha I found a good nn for the Falcons,...the Widow Makers

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