Good luck the rest of the way, you L.A. Rams. There's NFL games in which a team has a bad day. It happens. Man, did the Rams have a bad day or what? Mucho appreciation as to how the Rams players behaved, well, other than getting away with TWO facemask calls. But the Rams are not a dirty team that I saw yesterday, as some have suggested.

Why though,...why did the Rams pass 41 times and Gurley have only 16 carries? Yeah, the Falcons went up in score to the tune of 21-0. So yeah, you'd expect more passing. But why not establish things? I know the Rams O-line is a mess but they're, as I posted recently, young guys with the possibility of growth. There's no playoff consideration so why not pound the football, I dunno.

And there's something else to cite. The Rams have a young offense. Personally I was curious as to how the Falcons D would play. Knowing the Falcons would be w/o both starting WRs automatically placed pressure on the D and honestly I was not intrepid. Well, a rookie LB had a pick 6,...Beastly constantly harassed Jared Goff,...that monster of a man Rasheed Hageman brutalized the Rams guards,...tight coverOHYEAH seee? When there's less of that zone coverage and more man up(actually yesterday the Falcons played the old zone/man corner cover), and it worked. 41 Rams pass attempts and about 240 yards, excellent defense.

Todd Gurley,...pitched a bitch on the sideline yesterday, fussing at the O-coor on the bench. Then after the game he says to a reporter the Rams have a "middle school offense." oh my no respect as usual. I've met Gurley and he seemed to be a nice guy. But c'mon man, that's your O-coor and what sorta pisses me off is there's ZERO respect for an opponent who kicked your over paid ass, how 'bout that? To tell the truth, from what I saw in real time and later in slo-mo Gurley appears to have lost a step. His haunches are gettin' thick or something, he was much faster at UGA. He had some lanes but he's unable to adjust his route to get to 'em, if that makes sense. He's the type runner who requires the hole be open where it's called and that don't happen all the time. Anyway, geesh, no respect. I'd have shrugged my shoulders and told the reporters, "they kicked my ass."

Well, the West Coast experience is over<sigh> and it's been fun. Oh wait,...the San Francisco black panthers visit Atlanta next Sunday! Already am having a bad taste in me mouth thinking I'll have to watch it.