Commentary to follow,...

After a tough loss to the Chiefs, one of the Falcons goals this week is to start fast against the Rams. That’s exactly what Atlanta did in our latest Madden 17 simulation, as a 17-3 first-half lead propelled Dan Quinn’s club to a 28-3 win over Los Angeles.

Devonte Freeman is the biggest reason why Atlanta(in Madden 17) dominated the Rams. The 2015 Pro Bowler broke the scoreless tie in the first quarter with a one-yard touchdown, then, in the second frame, exploded for a 98-yard TD run, which was more than twice as many rushing yards as the Rams had all game (46).

After an LA field goal, Freeman found the end zone again – this time by taking a Matt Ryan pass 37 yards to the house. Julio Jones reeled in a 34-yard TD in the third, and Atlanta’s defense – which allowed 251 yards from scrimmage and, thanks to a Brian Poole interception, forced a key turnover – kept the Rams in check.

This reminds me of oculus. Ya'll know what that is right?

This was actually posted at the official Falcons/NFL site,...I swear it's enough my football team embarrasses me regular but hey, I don't need people working for the official NFL Atlanta Falcons website to embarrass me as well. The entire Madden fantasy game has game stats,...Freeman has a 98 yards TD run?hahahaha. Hey ya'll,...Freeman is a good RB but there's no way he outruns D-backs for 98 yards unless the Rams blitz 11 guys. I've heard and read Falcons fans wondering why people around the country laugh at them. pfffft well here's ya a great example why. Imagine you're a Rams fan in LA who wants to learn about the Falcons and he/she reads this horse ****?

This Madden game dismisses Gurley? Rams rush for only 46 yards???hahaha,...insane. The Falcons have struggled to stop the run all season. 17-3 start for the Falcons??? Add that Julio may not play Sunday and if he does it'll be decoy-mode so the Madden game is flawed. Even if he plays which he most likely will, he won't be able to cut hard with his turfed toe injury.

It's fine if you play Madden. Right now it's still a free country. But to post this on an international site and report it as "news" is well, I can assure you most NFL team's sites don't have time to report on a simulated Madden video game. And when you post stuff like this no one can honestly take you, and unfortunately the Falcons as well, seriously. There's this concept that fans reflect the nature of their team thingie. Unnerstand I have no problem with peeps playing Madden, playing FF, etc. But when ya try to relate those games to an actual NFL battle? With a simulation? I dunno.

Again this is another example of lazy journalism. There's a thousand things to report and these journalists have access to players, coaches and management. Add they have state of the art, high dollar computers at they disposal that can be used for research and THERE IT IS!

This is a jinx. The Falcons will lose in LA Sunday. I fully approach this game as a possible Falcons flaming burn down. This crap doesn't sit well. I wasn't feeling confident of a Falcons win anyway, and now that feeling just got a 'lil mo,...strong.

Curious the spread remained static all week long. Could be there's little interest in the game. Or the bookies in Vega are busy playing simulated games and they're getting the same result as the lazy ass writer at the Falcons website.