Well, it'll be over after Sunday. One last trip to California and the 2016 Falcons will be done with 8 hour flights to California, one way this year. After Sunday this December the Falcons will host the Niners then fly to Charlotte on a 1 hour trip. Then host the voo-doo Saints to finish this season. Oh yeah,...it's about over boys. After screwing up losing to a very good Cardinals team last Sunday every game now means playoffs or no playoffs type deal.

The Falcons back in LA playing the Rams brings back memories. Back in the old LA Rams days their team were always, nearly impossible to beat in LA/Anaheim. Some of the greatest games I've ever seen were Rams/Niners battles when they were elite NFL teams. That was then,...now the Niners have a black panther QB and the Rams could be reeling to begin their first season in LA if,...IF the Falcons play up to potential for a change, team-wise, and cover the 6 point spread.

On a side note, tonight it's the Raiders and Chiefs, pretty much for the division lead. It'll be a fun game to watch now that we've been able to watch teams we normally don't see during the regular season on Sundays, not just prime time. Expect a yellow flag monsoon. Neither team cares how many penalties, they just been winning baby.

But I do this stupid thing, like watching how the Falcons match up with *common* opponents. Problem is, and Dan Quinn referred to this fact too,...and I'll try to condense it. Ya can't look at Saints, Bucs, nor Panthers games against common opponents [u]for film study[/i] if you're a Falcons player/coach and already see what you know if that makes sense. Oh sure, ya still look for tendencies but for one thing the Falcons play an offense and defense no other team in the NFC South division runs, peeeeriod. Secondly opposing D/C-coors KNOW this fact. The Bucs lost to the Broncos, Cardinals(40-7), Rams, Niners and Raiders. The Panthers are just losing to everyone and the Saints lost to the Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos but did beat the Rams and still having to face the Cardinals. The Saints play at Tampa Sunday,...Geaux Aints!

Just sayin' here, the Falcons haven't played a team quite like the Rams this season after 12 games. The Rams have nothing to lose and remember their head coach enjoys *trick* plays such as illegal picks in the passing game, O-linemen blocking 10 yards down the field before a pass is thrown sort of thing, like Andy Reid does.

Seems I recall some games in LA at this time of year when it was rainy, wet and sloppy. Wouldn't that be cool? A wet field, wet footballs,...I'll be checking the LA area's weather.