11 defenders with at least 1 sack, team total 22 sacks

Aaron Donald DT has 6 sacks

Rams D-coor Gregg Williams,...from 2009 to 2011 he was the Saints D-coor and the Saints ranked way up there in league rankings, especially in 2010 and '11. The year he left to St.Louis, the Saints defense in 2012 became awful and has been since. The 2009 Saints won a Super Bowl with a bend but don't break D, giving up lots of yards but were tops in the league causing turnovers. I know Gregg William's defenses,...hope Shanny JR knows. Williams has been the Rams D-coor for a long time now.

Ya know,...ever wished something like this before? Like when your team has a great O and ya wish your team had another team's defense? I wish the Falcons had the Rams defense. The Falcons would be 10-2 easily.

Well, here's the deal,...the Rams offense is a WCO and it could be a potent attack. There's the big time former UGA RB and a rookie QB, a pure passer. But to date the Rams offense doesn't scare anyone. BUT the Rams offense faces one of the worst defenses in the NFL. So it'll be strength on strength,...Falcons offense and the Rams defense.

It would be a mistake to think the Falcons win easily judging solely by records. I promise the Rams defense is no pushover. I'm certain Gregg Williams will be blitzing out the bahooty,...so dammit Shanny?,...run the damp football please???

The Rams won't make the playoffs and that makes for a dangerous scenario for the Crows. That is, if they're serious 'bout making the playoffs themselves.