Here we go again. Falcons fans, after the loss to the Chiefs, are again dwelling in negativity. It's really pathetic and all it do is make things not fun. I love the peeps who post something like,..."I've been a fan for 40 years" type stuff which gives you credibility?haha

hold on,...lemme check right quick,...yep the Falcons are indeed 7-5, December ya'll. Well here it is boys,...I've been a Falcons fan for 42 years fools. Oh yeah, if I didn't have the camera covered you webmasters could see my crusty old face. And I'm tellin' ya'll be grateful you can't and Falcons fans should be grateful for the present record. Be very happy in fact.

I know, I know, the Crows lost 2 games one by 2 points(Seattle) and another by 1 point(Chiefs). I know the defense is shaky, pardon me Shaky and staffed with rookies and young players. Jeesh, I been pointing this out since last April. I knew there'd be growing pains defensively, jeesh any fool could see it a comin. I did not know the offense would be one of the best in the league, thus the 7 wins. And I know injuries have been devastating but alllllllll NFL teams are banged up by now.

Then there's the old timers reminding us the Falcons W/L record against the Rams in Anaheim/LA. My goodness main,...that was over 30 years ago even longer, since 1966. And if ya'll wanna check, the Falcons rarely won in LA back then. The Rams were one of the elite teams in the day.

But I always *preach* positive thinking is infectious. So such is negative thoughts. There's Falcons fans, again after a loss, suggesting the head coach is on the,...haha hot seat. Same peeps last year who wanted to fire Shanny JR, bench Matt Ryan,...TRADE Ryan!?haha

Okay,...if the Falcons lose in LA Sunday, fine,...7-6. Screw what the Bucs do. Then the Falcons host the Niners, play at Charlotte(which should be a very interesting game if the Falcons enter it @ 9-5,...a possibility), and then host the Saints to end the reg season. I can guarantee a win over the Saints after all the reverse-voo-doo I put on 'em.

I think I have the black cats wary too, but I can see why ya'll are approaching the game Sunday in LA with,...uneasy feelings. But don't be afraid. Dan Quinn will force the rookie QB to work the ball down the field and rarely blitz. Which will resemble every game since September 2015,...a close game even if the Falcons go up early cause the defense will allow a comeback. It is what it is.