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Thread: "And the boo birds are out early here at the Meadowlands"

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    "And the boo birds are out early here at the Meadowlands"

    Wow, it's UGLY in that place right now.

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    Disgusting on both sides of the ball. Good thing Fitz is in. Can pence make bowles embassador to North korea bowles sucks so bad

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    I've got a feeling it's going to be a long night.

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    This is bad football by the Jets!

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    The fans should stage a walkout.

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    I commend Bowles for sticking with the vets that give us the best chance to win. And also for not risking losing this team by going to a young QB earlier in the season. I mean, can you imagine how bad this COULD HAVE BEEN if these vets quit on Bowles for making a QB change? I mean it could have gotten really ugly.

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    3rd and 5 from the 8, down 14, hand off.


    And a penalty.



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    Make the switch at the half, please... this is futile

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    This $hitshow is on at work, few folks have fantasy implications playing out.

    Haven't seen this team play in weeks, holy f@ck they suck. Darron Lee and Leonard Williams are the only two players worth a damn.

    Dead last Shitz looks as putrid as ever

    Bowles should be fired tomorrow, this team is a comical joke.

    Bit is entertained though, is this the "piping hot" you were speaking about Gigi, LMFAO.

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    Noooooooo AFL, the vets might quit. You simply can't ask a goup of seasoned vets to play behind a rook QB when you have quality vet like Fitz available. It would be mutiny.

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