It's a race now. The Saints could win out and be 9-7. Panthers are toast even if they win out,...8-8. And there's the 7-5 Falcons and those famned Buccaneers. If it's not the Saints, Panthers it's the Bucs who have been a thorn since realignment in 2002. Out of tie breaker stuff the Falcons do lead the NFC South as of now.

Now to the Chiefs game,...hmmmm. Consensus agrees the Falcons were totally out coached yesterday. Not good. Sophomore slump perhaps fo the staff? Rookies playing all over the defense? I will say this,...the Falcons lost yesterday to an inferior opponent. And I mean talent-wise not scheme or coaching.

Okay lemme get to my point. The Falcons offense is almost unstoppable, a fact. And ya got lots of young boys playing defense. Good *** why not unleash them on defense? I'm tired of seeing the Falcons defense play this ridiculous prevent defense in the 1st QTR??????????? The Falcons brought 5 rushers several times but never emptied the bucket with a 6 or 7 man pass rush,...RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

jesus,...that's what cost the Falcons a chance to have 8 wins,...Andy Reid is a good offensive coach. Given his opportunist defense he had 9 points to play with. It was the way the Chiefs offense gashed the Falcons young defense playing deep cover zone that cost the game for the Crows.

Stubborn is no virtue. Not to me anyway. If something ain't working,...why keep doing it?

Well, it's off to Los Angeles. It should be fun to watch. Hope it rains.