What a game. It had it all,...fumbles, INTs, a pick 6 by the Chiefs, a fake punt that went for 50 yards, a 2 point conversion attempt by the Falcons returned for 2 Chiefs points with an INT,...wow. I told ya'll it'd be fun to play all these West teams.

Looking at the box score ya might think the Falcons won this game. But I'll admit Andy Reid schooled Quinn and Shanny JR. And kudos to the Chiefs players. There's always talk but the Chiefs are well behaved.

Ya'll keep hearing me talkin' bout all the rookies, 2nd and 3rd year players on the defense,...well, Andy Reid gave Falcons defenders and defensive coaches lots of film to study. I will address this curious, stubborn aspect of coaches whom tend to be extremely inflexible,...Landry, Jimmy Jones,...and Dan Quinn.