It was so much fun playing the NFC and the AFC West divisions this year. It always has been when the Falcons face teams from wayyyy over there. And it helped having fun cause the the Falcons could compete, seriously, with those teams. Winning at Denver and Oakland should've shown something to the experts in the media, but no.

Tomorrow will be the last time for 4 years the Falcons face an AFC Western division team,...unless there's a Super Bowl meeting. And it was fun to see the Falcons playing out West and competing.

As much hate AFC West fans have for their division opponents the Broncos, Raiders and Chargers have been a class act, least when they played the Falcons. We'll see tomorrow if the Chefs are in that category.

It's been a pleasure to watch the Raiders win again. That poor team has been thirsty for wins for many years. So we'll turn the page after tomorrow and look back at some fun football.

Good luck Chiefs.